Enjoy Your Vacation With Our Security Check List

Relax, Don’t Stress, and Enjoy your Vacation with this Security Checklist

Vacation. It should be a peaceful time, filled with relaxation and fun with friends and family, not worry about what may or may not be happening at your home or business while you are away. Vacation, you see, is the perfect time for a thief to be procuring his or her next big find – your stuff. So that you can enjoy your time off and not worry about the next criminal to hit the streets of your hometown, we have developed a short precaution list to protect your home or business while you are away.

  1. Ask police to check your home and patrol your neighborhood more closely while you away.
  2. Stop mail and newspaper deliveries, or have a trusted neighbor collect them while you are away so they do not accumulate.
  3. Secure all doors, windows, pet entrances, and garage doors.
  4. Transfer valuables to a safety deposit box.
  5. Place timers on indoor lamps to illuminate your home at night, and set timers to turn on radios and televisions randomly during the day and early evening. This can also be done with smart home technology devices.
  6. Place timers or set up smart home technology to turn on outdoor lights at dusk and turn off at dawn.
  7. Arrange to have your landscaping continue, an overgrown yard is an immediate indicator to burglars that no one is home.
  8. Keep some shades and blinds up and curtains open to maintain a normal appearance.
  9. Have a trusted friend or family member check your home, inside and out, each day.
  10. Park a car half-way down your drive to create the illusion that someone is home as well as inhibit a burglar to use your driveway as a way to better access your property

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