We Are Who We Say… And Can Prove It!

Uniform shirts, company issued ID badges, and company branded vehicles may not seem to be a big deal, but when the safety of your family and property are in question, they can go a long way. At Southeast Fire & Burglar Alarm Company, a member of the Pineland family of companies, we take pride in our brand and the services we provide to keep your family, home, and business safe.

Recently in the news, you may have heard stories of “utility” workers gaining access to homes by showing up unannounced and asking to check something like water quality or circuit breakers. By all appearances, these individuals look legitimate. However, it is a sly ruse in which criminals use in order to gain access to your home and valuables. One such instance cost a homeowner in New York over $70,000 before the criminal activity was realized and the perpetrator apprehended.

With any Southeast Fire & Burglar service, you can expect an appointment to be scheduled and employees to be in uniform, with a company issued employee badge. We will only show up for an appointment in a company vehicle. Your safety and security is our number one concern. With SEFB, know that your Peace of Mind is a Matter of Choice.

Southeast Fire & Burglar Alarm Company joined the Pineland family of companies in 2009. SEFB offers commercial and residential state-of-the-art security and alarm systems as well as smart home and office technology. Southeast Fire & Burglar Alarm Company offers customers and interested patrons three offices from which to obtain information, drop off payments, or pick up small service items. They can visit the Pineland offices at 30 S Rountree Street in Metter, 708 Northside Drive East, Suite 106 in Statesboro, or the newly opened office in Swainsboro at 425 S Main Street. The company can be reached via phone at (912) 685-2059 or (888) 963-FIRE and on the web at www.southeastFBalarm.com. The team of Southeast Fire & Burglar Alarm has provided complete security solutions since 1999.